Fruit puree is a very healthy and nutritious food that is obtained from raw or cooked fruits and vegetables during the process of crushing, compressing, mixing and finally sieving and extracting their juice. Fruit puree can be frozen and last longer; Furthermore, the level of precision in preparation and quality of work in the production process is very effective in ensuring the quality of the puree and preserving the natural flavor of the fruits. Eating fruit puree can be a very useful and healthy option instead of consuming unhealthy foods and can be a good alternative in your diet. If you are looking to reduce calories, you can benefit from various fruit purees as a delicious and healthy snack, because fruit purees provide a very good and healthy variety in your diet. The amount of useful vitamins, minerals and nutrients in fruit puree is almost the same as that of the fruit itself. Fruit purees and fruits have antioxidants that strengthen the body’s immune system and reduce cell damage in the body.