With the development of chemistry, technology and extraction capacity, researchers in the field of essential oil production have been able to carry out the process of extracting essential oils from all types of plants, fruits, vegetables and herbs. summer. Essential oils or volatile oils found in plants are one of the most important compounds found in plants. The volatility of these compounds means that they are used in the form of aromatic oil and ester oil. Essential oils include two groups, edible and chemical. The compounds used in these two groups are different and the uses of each group are also different.

Essential oils or volatile oils have many uses today. These substances are available in different parts of a large number of medicinal plants. Essential oil is extracted from an aromatic plant or fruit using a physical method. Essential oils have an oily state. These oils are called essential oils because they have their own smell, aroma and flavor.

These essential oils are prepared from different fruits. There are many different flavors among fruit essential oils. Among these essential oils, some essential oils are more popular, such as apple essential oil, peach essential oil, orange essential oil, coconut essence and vanilla essence. Fruit essential oils are very important in the industry.